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Tooth Whitening

Office bleaching: Office whitening can only be handled by dentist in clinic by the help of whitening agent and light source that promote whitening reactions. Some Office bleaching agents do not require light source, the choices can be made by the dentist after the patient tooth examination. In some cases, sensitivity may occur and it can be solved by desensitivitization agents applied on tooth surface

Home bleaching: In this technic a custom prepared tray maintained by taking impression of patient then decided whitening agent applied into tray and applied by patient himself. The patient keep the tray about 2 hours in a day and it takes 4-5 days to get whitening result

In some cases, both home and Office whitening can be preferred to get better and long-lasting result. Bleaching must be administered by dentist. There may be gingival recession, decays, calculus, tooth cracks, old fillings or so on and dentist always check these situations for healthy and comfortable application by taking precaution to prevent the patients from the harmful side effects.

Tooth Whitening Before
Tooth Whitening After